Rennovia's Technology

Rennovia’s approach to producing biobased chemicals is very different from that of many other companies in the field, combining three core components:

Low Cost Feedstocks

Sugars are the most abundant building block in nature, available from many different agricultural and cellulosic sources

High value chemical products allows use of refined sugars as feedstocks, eliminating the need for expensive front-end processing of biomass

Chemical Catalytic Process Technology

Efficient, proven, scalable processes, used around the world in refining and chemical industries

Ability to take advantage of a broad range of temperature and pressure environments, and to produce highly concentrated process streams

Existing Chemical Products

Drop-in replacements for today’s large volume petrochemicals and specialty chemicals, with established and growing markets

Selection of product targets based on ability to achieve significant cost advantages

Bringing Petrochemical Process Efficiencies to Biobased Chemicals Production

Feedstock Efficiency

  • Maximize retention of mass
  • Maximize use of functionality
  • Minimize by products

Catalytic Conversion

  • High process yields
  • Capital efficient continuous processes
  • Proven scalability

Isolation & Purification

  • Existing, scalable unit operations
  • Concentrated process streams
  • Capital and energy efficient

Sustainable Products

  • Pipeline of commodity and specialty chemicals
  • Established multi-billion dollar markets
  • Low environmental impact

Technology Scale Up and Commercialization

Rennovia employs world class high-throughput catalyst discovery infrastructure to identify advanced catalysts for biobased chemicals production

We develop fully integrated process technologies to generate data for commercial plant design

Rennovia is partnering across the biobased chemicals value chain to commercialize our processes